Vizag Zoo

Administration Department

Sri Neerabh Kumar Prasad, IAS

Secretary to Govt., EFS&T

Sri. Y. Madhusudan Reddy, IFS

Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF

Sri Srikantha Natha Reddy, IFS

Conservator of Forests, Vishakapatnam

Dr. Nandani Salaria, IFS

Curator, IGZP Vishakapatnam

Dr. V. Srinivas

Senior Veterinarian, IGZP Vishakapatnam

Sri. Gopi, Asst Curator -1

Assistant Curator – I, IGZP Vishakapatnam

Sri. Gopala Naidu - Asst Curator - 2

Smt. Uma Garu, Superintendent

Smt. Bharathi, FSO - 1

Sri. Rajesh, FSO - 2

Dr. Purushottam, Jr Veterianarian

Sri. T.Ch.V. Ramana, Public Relations Officer

IGZP Vishakapatnam

Sri. Purushottam, Biologist

IGZP Vishakapatnam

Miss. Divya, Education Officer

IGZP Vishakapatnam

Miss. Namitha, Butterfly Park Assistant

IGZP Vishakapatnam

Vizag Zoo

Administration Department

Staff at different levels of management in Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam.

Human Resources

  • The IGZP is governed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Secretary to Government, Environment Forests, Science & Technology, and Andhra Pradesh is the Zoo operator & Government of Andhra Pradesh has constituted the Zoo Authority of Andhra Pradesh for better management of all the Zoos in the state.  
  • The overall administrative head of the IGZP is the Curator who oversees & supervises various sections in the Zoo Park. 
  • The Curator is assisted by Assistant Curator – 1 & Assistant Curator–2 who are further assisted by Forest Section Officer–1 & Forest Section Officer–2. They are responsible for all the works in various sections of the Zoo. 
  • The Administrative work of the zoo including, establishment matter and finances are looked after and headed by the Office Superintendent and other ministerial staff. 
  • The Animal Section is the lifeline of the zoo and its major job is to take care of the feed and upkeep of the animals and their well being. Each section is headed by the Animal Keeper who works under the Zoo Forest Range Officers who in-turn reports to the Curator. 
  • The Veterinary wing is pivotal in Zoo management. It is headed by the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon and other staff like Junior Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Assistant, Lab Assistant, and Compounder to assist him during routine checkup of animals and also under emergencies. The veterinary wing is responsible for proper medical care, preventive & Prophylactic measures and also determines the Diet to zoo inmates Store receives the daily requirements of all the animals and the feed being supplied to the animals shall be checked by the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon for its quality and then it is distributed to different animal houses as scheduled and as per requirement of each animal on day to day basis. 
  • The Research Section is carrying out the job of in-house data collection and basic research on various aspects of animals in captivity in the zoo. 
  • The Education Section is mandated with the dissemination of conservation awareness among zoo visitors. The Curator is the officer at the healm of affairs of this section. 
  • The safety and security of the vast stretch of zoo including animals, visitors and infrastructure is taken cared by the Security Section. They are responsible to maintain round the clock vigil in the zoo.