Veterinary Care in Zoo Park

Animal health care :

The veterinary wing of IGZP plays a major role in managing the well-being of every housed and non-housed (free ranging) animals in the zoo. In addition to providing medical treatment to injured or ill animals, the Veterinary staff, mandated by zoo policy has established routine check-ups and preventive prophylactic protocol against common illness in animals. Equipped with an inpatient ward, diagnostic laboratory, post-mortem room and tranquilization equipment, our veterinary staff comprising of a Chief Veterinarian, Senior Veterinary Officer, Assistant Veterinarians, Biologist and Lab Technicians and Helpers make sure that every animal in the zoo is attended to.

The Chief Vet goes on rounds every morning observing all the enclosures and its occupants. Preventive medications and deworming is followed for the management of ecto and endo parasitic infections and infestations.