Just Blend In – Zebra T Shirt (Adult)

For those who are wild at heart, our wildlife series showcases majestic animals like Rhino, elephants, Giraffe, and more. Each detsign captures the beauty and power of these creatures, making a bold statement wherever you go

  • Do be kind to animals in captivity.
  • Do enjoy the Nature and animals in captivity
  • Do be co-operative with Zoo management & Security.
  • Do ask questions to Zoo staff about animals.
  • Do keep yourself and children at a safe distance from the Zoo animals.
  • Do keep the premises and public utilities of the Zoo neat & clean.
  • Do not tease the Zoo animals, enjoy their behaviour.
  • Do not feed and get close to any animal inside the Zoo Park.
  • Do not litter or damage public utilities inside the Zoo premises
  • Do not cross the stand-off barriers & fences, Security walls.
  • Do not enter the Zoo with Polythene bags, plastic bottles, fire crackers etc.
  • Do not play any audio system inside the Zoo.